Born 1964 (Canada) lives and works in Montreal
Education: Dawson College 1984

Adamo Macri is a Canadian artist who works in photography, video, painting, drawing and sculpture. Distinctive themes interweave in his work such as the forbidden, identity, contamination, the staging of nature, documenting sculpture based upon perceiving it as occurrence and not static presence. Ultimately the final result must represent the most important aspect of his art, the resonating image.

2014 Biennial Roadshow Marfa Texas USA - Photography Prize

Künstler Les Artistes Artist 100 Künstler 100 Kacheln Katalog 2014, Aachen Germany - Publisher: Gabriele Prill 2014 - Paperback - Language: German

Festival di Video d’Arte e Video d’Artista Video DIA Loghi 09, Turin Italy - Publisher: Darko’s Store Il Magazzino di Darko 2009 - Paperback - Language: Italian English

HEP Human Emotion Project International Artists using Film & Video, Macau Beijing - Publisher: Art For All Society 2009 - Paperback - Language: Chinese English

Hirsute Pleasures: Getting in Adamo Macri’s Hair - Kenneth Radu, 2017

Out of the Desert He Rises: Distress and Macri’s Leaven’s Freedom - Kenneth Radu, 2016

Macri’s Orgasmic Forge - Kenneth Radu, 2016

Serpents in my Dreams: Adamo Macri’s Snake Portraits - Kenneth Radu, 2016

Ghost in the Wings: Macri and Me - Kenneth Radu, 2015

Alternative Waters: a Personal View of Recent Macri Portraits - Kenneth Radu, 2014

Behold the Man: Self-Portraits of Albrecht Dürer & Adamo Macri - Kenneth Radu, 2013

Art of the Orifice: Adamo Macri’s Verboten - Kenneth Radu, 2012

Macri’s Pink Narrative - Kenneth Radu, 2012

Facing the Faces: the Facebook Self-portraits of Adamo Macri - Kenneth Radu, 2011

Cellular Excitement: An Appreciation of the Art of Adamo Macri - Kenneth Radu, 2010

Selected Exhibition

The Artbox Projects Basel 1.0 - Eventplattform Luminator, Basel Switzerland

ArtVenice Biennale IV - ARTIsm3160, Venice Italy

Unnatural Election - NYU Kimmel Galleries, New York USA

Snap To Grid - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles USA

The Artbox Projects Miami 1.0 - Spectrum Miami, Florida USA

Bark Biennial 1 Artists for Farm Animals - Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston USA

Boston Biennial 4 - Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston USA

Electro Caravan - NOON Nakazaki Depot, Osaka Japan

The Selfie Show: An Art Exhibition of Self-Portraits - MONA Museum of New Art, Detroit Michigan USA

ArtVenice Biennale 3 - Via Garibaldi Castello, Venice Italy

Sguardi Sonori Stars - Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona Italy

Art for Freedom - Saakashvili Presidential Library, Tbilisi Georgia

Sguardi Sonori Stars - Museo Pietro Canonica Villa Borghese, Rome Italy

Boston Biennial 3 - Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston USA

100 Artists 100 Tiles - Frankenberg Castle, Aachen Germany

100 Artists 100 Tiles - Theater Aachen, Aachen Germany

Biennial Roadshow Marfa - El Cosmico Marfa, Texas USA

Untitled Male ID - Angus-Hughes Gallery, London United Kingdom

1.000.050 Geburtstag der Kunst - Altes Kurhaus Kurhausstr, Aachen Germany

Art's Birthday 2013 - Museum FLUXUS+, Berlin Germany

Time Is Love.5 - Galerie Octobre, Paris France

Time Is Love.5 - The Cornaro Institute, Larnaca Cyprus

Time Is Love.5 - Rich Mix - London United Kingdom

Time Is Love.5 - The Expressive Arts Institute, San Diego USA

Time Is Love.5 - SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin Germany

Time Is Love.5 - [.Box] Videoart Project Space, Milan Italy

The Bioscope - Johannesburg South Africa

Letters From the Sky - ArtSPACE Gallery, Durban South Africa

Labia Cinema on Orange, Cape Town South Africa

Time Is Love - Bildetage, Vienna Austria

Time Is Love - Espace ApART Xiao Zhou Cun, Guangzhou China

Fragments - Arnot Art Museum, New York USA

Time Is Love - Sint Lukas Gallery, Sint-Lukas University College of Art & Design, Brussels Belgium

Time Is Love - Hexagon Space, Baltimore Maryland USA

Time Is Love - CACT Centro d'Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Bellinzona Switzerland

Song of Flesh and Blood - Garage Gallery, San Diego California

Human Emotion Project - Sazmanab Project, Tehran Iran

Human Emotion Project - Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran Iran

Human Emotion Project - Galerie Younique, Paris France

Human Emotion Project - Laaksola Culture Center, Toijala Finland

Faces, Human Emotion Project - Gonçalves Sapinho Cultural Center, Benedita Alcobaça Portugal

Human Emotion Project - Parakino, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk Poland

Beijing Contemporary Art Fair - China Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing China

Human Emotion Project - IVAZION, Geneva Switzerland

Human Emotion Project - Beijing Contemporary Art Centre 1 ArtBase, Beijing China

Video Dia Loghi - Velan Center for Contemporary Art, Turin Italy

Human Emotion Project - AFA Portuguese Bookshop Gallery, Livraria Portuguesa, Macau China

Sguardi Sonori Festival - Festival of Media and Time Based Art, Benevento Italy

Human Emotion Project - Museu José Malhoa, Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Optica Festival Madrid - Espacio Espora Embajadores, Madrid Spain

Sguardi Sonori Festival - Festival of Media and Time Based Art, Rome Italy

Optica Festival Paris - Collège d'Espagne, Paris France

Optica Festival Cordoba - Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Cordoba Spain

Human Emotion Project - Museu de Cerâmica, Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Human Emotion Project - LaSALA Exposiciones Galera, Valladolid Spain

Human Emotion Project - Brancaleone, Rome Italy

Human Emotion Project - Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne Victoria Australia

Slide and One Onion Canon - Online exhibition

DVblog Random Arts and Entertainment - Online